History of Beverly Hills Tavern

Listed in the United States Department of the Interior’s National Registry of Historic Places as Georgian architecture built in the early 19th Century (circa 1814). The execution of the brick and other materials used are unique to the region. The detailing of the facility appears to a be early middle Nineteenth Century Carpenter Gothic. The complex is an excellent example of an early tavern still functioning, with the majority of its setting intact. A two-story fieldstone spring is constructed of local fieldstone. The Beverly Hills Tavern had significance as a prominent stopping place for travelers to change their horse and rest before continuing their journey.

Frantz Krick purchased the land itself from the family of William Penn in the 1730’s. The progenitor of the Krick family, Krick was one of the earliest settlers in Berks County and by 1750 was among the largest landowners in the area with 750 acres. The Kricks were prominent in the development of Cumru (later Spring) Township. In 1825 The Spohn family was deeded the property.

Today, the Beverly Hills Tavern offers fine contemporary cuisine for nightly dining as well as for banquet and private party functions. We have remodeled our upstairs rooms to accommodate up to 70 people for parties and meetings. They are a wonderful backdrop for the perfect gala event.